Some May Call It Uninspired

So, guys, I’m not really sure I’ve got a blog post in me this week. I’ve been feeling a bit blah, lately – not much to share. What’s more, I’m heading to Thailand soon, so I’m not sure I’ll be blogging much until I’m back. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to talk about upon my … Continue reading

Don’t Fight It, If You Don’t Know What It Is

I offer nothing but a suggestion this week. Stop fighting yourself. If you’re anything like me, you feel sometimes like your life is a constant struggle. It’s battle, after battle, after battle, day after day. You fight with your customers, you fight with your boss, you fight with your family, you fight with your significant … Continue reading

All About That Bass

Do you know which song is Number 3 on the ARIA Chart right now? All About That Bass, performed by Meghan Trainor. The song is catchy as hell. The film clip is amazing. And, best of all, it’s been described as a “positive-body-image hit!”, with “a message of self-acceptance” (by Billboard, no less!). It seems … Continue reading

Stop Right Now, Thank You Very Much

Stop Right Now, Thank You Very Much

I’m going to ask the whole world to do me a favour. Just one. You. Yes, you. Reading this. Please do just this one thing for me. All of us, we can do it together. Can we just┬ástop? Please. Just STOP. Stop with the endless complaining about how fat we feel. Stop buying into Ponzi … Continue reading

Things I’ll Never Say

The other day, I found myself part of a conversation that really got my goat. I was talking to a couple of guys, about a woman we all know.┬áThis woman just happens to be heavy. It was a pretty serious conversation, in the beginning. And, yet, it quickly veered off course. All of a sudden, … Continue reading