Extension 33, Nothing To Care or Worry

Oh, hi there! Welcome to Day 33 of my Whole30/Whole45. I must begin with an apology; I just realised that I completely short-changed all my lovely readers yesterday! I promised an announcement… then didn’t make it! Silly Sheree…

The big announcement: I have officially accepted a full-time position with an amazing activewear company, my first job in my brand new city!

Starter PackI didn’t want to say anything before all the “i”s were dotted and the “t”s were crossed – but that time has come! I was deliberately cagey, and mindful of what I posted here, regarding my job hunt and the opportunities that arose, as I didn’t want to inadvertently step on any toes or jinx anything that came up. So, now you know: when I was making vague references to “running errands” or “darting around the city”, or completely omitting details of my day, that’s what I was up to :) Sneaky!

So, what does this mean for choosingtoeat? Hopefully, not a thing! Maybe I’ll have a little less time in the evenings to so thoroughly dissect the minutia of my diet with you all, but I’ll definitely still be here. I’m really loving keeping this blog, and all of the amazing wonderful positive feedback from all of you, so there are no plans to change any time soon! And rest assured, if I’m plugging anything from the company I work for or anything affiliated with it or anything like that, I will be sure to be up front and honest with you all.

Right, big announcement – check! What’s next?

I slept pretty well once again last night – the only issue was that it wasn’t for long enough. I was silly – I let The Dude I Live With convince me to stay up a little longer than I really should have, and that coupled with the fact that I’m trying to rise earlier and earlier (in preparation for having to squeeze runs in before work, as opposed to doing them at my leisure), meant I was a little bleary-eyed this morning. No run for me today, though – it was another attempt at strength training. I think I did a much better job this time around of getting the intensity up and getting those muscles burning – I also threw in a few flights of stairs for good measure, because the established circuit at my park seems to be almost exclusively focused on the upper body. My abdominal muscles were still a little sore from the last go-round, so finishing the sit ups was a bit of a challenge. I was expecting to feel quite sore by now from this morning’s efforts, but nothing as yet – surely, it will hit me like a sack of bricks tomorrow morning.

Stuck with the usual when I returned home: stretching, hard-boiled egg, shower, coffee.

I’ve been having a tougher time over the last couple of days settling on what to have for breakfast – it seems to be inevitable in a Paleo paradigm, particularly a program as strict as the Whole30, that one gets a little tired of eggs. Of course, that’s partially due to my own laziness and lack of creativity, BUT the internet is littered with similar complaints from others, so I’m definitely not alone here. I wanted to stretch my wings a little, and attempt a breakfast without eggs or avocado. Here’s what I came up with:

Meal 1, Day 33It looks humble, but this was a plate of intense yumminess: a carrot, onion and kale hash, with the last of the leftover roast beef (and, of course, my obligatory bone broth). I just processed the onions and threw them in a pan with some fat, then did the same with the carrots, then tore up the kale and tossed it in too, and then in went the beef. Tipped it all out onto the plate, and voila! Delicious breakfast, with nary an egg or an avocado in sight.

I spent most of my day doing prep work, research and so forth, for my new position. And updating my iPod – because, you know, a girl’s gotta run.

When I took a break for lunch, I pulled out a convenient portion of leftovers that past-Sheree had so thoughtfully frozen for such an occasion:

Meal 2, Day 33Leftover organ meat pie (see Day 25’s adventures), with half an avocado. OK, three quarters of an avocado – I was still hungry. Sue me :P.

It doesn’t look like much in the photo – to be honest, it probably wasn’t the most appetising thing ever, but it did get me a tonne of nutrients and other goodies, and I’m pretty sure it actually tasted better reheated. Who’d have thought?

More running around in the city this afternoon, but made it home with just enough time to set the wheels in motion for the dinner I had planned (and still get it on the table at a reasonable hour). I picked up some free-range pork mince for a pretty good price when I went out for groceries yesterday, and I’d been having a think about what to do with it. My solution?

Meal 3, Day 33Sheree’s Sweet Mother of Pork Burgers (in lettuce wraps with tomato).

Again, it doesn’t look like much chop, but let me assure you… they were amazing. Want the recipe?

  1. Chop up a couple of rashers of bacon into teeny-tiny pieces; pan fry them until crispy, and much of the fat is rendered.
  2. Shred a couple small sweet potatoes in a food processor. Or one big one. Whatever you’ve got.
  3. Combine shredded sweet potato with: pork mince, an egg or two (depending on how much sweet potato/pork/etc. there is), the cooked bacon and a dash of cinnamon. Mash well with a fork to combine – or use your hands if you’re not a big chicken.
  4. Form the mixture into patties; pan fry in the reserved bacon grease, or add a little more fat to the pan if necessary.
  5. Serve up with lettuce leaves and tomato, to form wraps.

Meal 3, Day 33We were getting down to the inside bit of the lettuce, where the leaves are a bit more malformed and weird, so the wraps aren’t as pretty as the ones I made yesterday and the day before. But we’re not going for pretty, here: it has bacon, and that’s all that matters.

Some of you may be wondering why the choice of such simple fillings. Where’s the caramelised onions, Sheree? The garlic? The avocado?

Well, I’m going to explain this as simply as possible, skipping over some of the gory details. I’ve been noticing, today and yesterday especially, a few odd tummy-related symptoms; nothing particularly disturbing or worrying, just a bit out of the ordinary and enough to arouse mild concern. Well, I was concerned enough to Google. I’ve been travelling pretty well in these later stages of my Whole30, and I couldn’t come up with any reason why this should be happening at all. From what I can gather, it may be related to my recent dramatic increase in my intake of FODMAPs.

Oh, God, you’re going to make me explain what they are, aren’t you? I’m not even sure I completely understand it! But I’ll give it a crack anyway: FODMAPs stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Please don’t make me try to pronounce those words out loud. Essentially, these are certain types of carbohydrates (found mostly in plant foods, and selected animal products) that some tummies don’t seem to digest well, especially those with IBS. I don’t have IBS, but the more I read the more I think my increase in foods that contain FODMAPs might be what’s causing this minor issue. FODMAPs increase the volume of liquid and gas in your intestines, that can result in… well, I don’t think I need to lay the symptoms out for you. The theory is that switching to a diet lower in FODMAPs will decrease the digestive symptoms – a couple of very clever blokes at Monash University came up with this idea, and it’s spread like wildfire around the globe, so yay for Aussies!

So, what have I been eating that contains FODMAPs?

  • Apples
  • Avocado (!!)
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Garlic
  • Onions (!!) – includes shallots
  • Kale (!!)

Fruits containing higher levels of fructose and cruciferous vegetables seem to be two of the key problem areas. Of course, this list is nowhere near exhaustive – there are dozens and dozens of foods that contain FODMAPs in one form or another, many of which are excluded from a Paleo diet by default (wheat, any dairy product containing lactose, legumes, sugar alcohols, etc.). These are just the ones that I’ve been having lately; my intake of a couple of these (particularly avocado, onions and kale) has skyrocketed during the Whole30, which is where I think the problem lies.

So, as insane as it sounds to be imposing even more restrictions on myself, I’m going to try cutting down (not necessarily eliminating, more minimising) my FODMAPs intake for a few days, just to see whether something in that group might be the problem. Maybe my guts just need the chance to recalibrate a little, after my sudden bombardment of avocado and onion. Either way, after a short while I’ll start slowly re-introducing FODMAPs and see if I can either pinpoint the problem, or scrap the whole idea and come up with something else.

I’d heard a bit about FODMAPs in my Paleo research – along with autoimmune protocols and other more intricate and dicey Paleo modifications – but always thought it was a bit “beyond” me. I certainly never thought it would be something I’d need to think about or work around in my own life. Just goes to show…!

So, that’s about all from me for now – going to head to bed early and try to catch up on what I missed last night.

Have you ever had any problems with FODMAPs, or suspected you might have? Did you try eliminating them from your diet? What were your results? It’d be great to hear from others who’ve experienced something along these lines!






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