So We Were Southbound 35, We Were Headed Down The Road

Welcome to Day 35 of my Whole45 – fair warning, I’m quite exhausted, and I think it’s making me silly. Forgive me if this post seems a bit “babbled” :)

Started out nice and early today – it’s finally nearing the end of summer, which means the sun is rising just after I am. Yet another reason I miss winter: it’s so much easier to see the sunrise every day, when it rises at a reasonable hour. I got a lovely view of the city starting to come to life as I pumped out some more strength training on the circuit at the park. My muscles felt pretty worn before I’d even started – I’m assuming because I’ve done so little strength work over the last few months, my muscles are all “What the hell?!? You want us to work again?!” and they’re shutting down in protest. So, I didn’t push it too hard. I did also take a few minutes at the end to go and sit on the swing set, and swing for a few minutes before I wandered home – it was actually really fun! Taking time for “play” is a very central part of the Paleo lifestyle, and I have no doubt that those few minutes of acting like a kid again were almost (if not entirely) as beneficial as the sit ups and push ups and so forth I’d just completed.

When I got home, I stretched, snacked, showered, and brewed my coffee. Normal, normal, normal.

However, things got a little cocked up soon enough: The Dude I Live With was sick. Not “a couple of sniffles” sick, but “can hardly stand up and there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to vomit on your shoes if you get too close” sick. So that threw a pretty massive spanner in the works; it foiled all the big plans we had for productivity today (given that this weekend is our last chance to get everything straightened out before I head off into the workforce), and it’s kind of distressing when your loved one is ill.

So, with his plague to contend with, and a to-do list I still wanted to plough through even without his assistance, food was rather hurried and inelegant today. I started with:

Meal 1, Day 35A simple omelette, with chicken, tomato and zucchini. And the side of broth, of course. Protein, veggies, low on FODMAPs, easy to throw together – everything on the list ticked off. Done and done.

(I know you can’t see much of the zucchini and tomato – but I promise they’re there!)

When lunchtime came around, I was even less inventive:

Meal 2, Day 35I took the container of leftover chicken, and heated it in the microwave. I took the container of leftover pumpkin, and heated it in the microwave. I sprinkled both with some cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves, and drizzled with coconut oil. Then I ate them both. Wowsers, right?

Why the spice blend? I was craving something sweet. Hot tip: I find cinnamon-laced anything tends to nip thoughts of honey or maple syrup or, hell, a donut, in the bud. It’s also pretty good at regulating blood sugar, and has about a dozen other health benefits to its name – if you’re interested, I can do a whole post on it at some point. It certainly did the trick today – and delicious, to boot!

As for dinner – I had an elaborate treat planned for The Dude I Live With… unfortunately, the chances of him being able to get it down and keep it down were slim to none. So that’s been shelved for tomorrow night. He went with the decidedly non-Paleo option of egg on toast. While working my fingers to the bone preparing that, I pulled something else together for myself:

Meal 3, Day 35Some seasoned mince, spinach sauteed in coconut oil, and mashed sweet potato with a dollop of ghee. The mince was tasty – well, as tasty as mince seasoned with no FODMAPs can be (remembering that the savoury mince staples of onions and garlic are both verboten). I was so glad to get some leafy greens into me – until I had the chance to duck to the store this afternoon, the only green leaves I had left in the fridge were on kale stems – not FODMAPs friendly at all. And the mashed sweet potatoes were just incredible. I may have had a second helping. And then a third. OK, I ate a whole sweet potato – alright? :P It was really delicious, and I’m beginning to suspect that I may do better with a healthy dose of carbs in my day. On the other hand, I’m really fascinated by super-low-carbohydrate nutritional-ketosis style programs, and I’m eager to give it a go. I’ve never closely monitored my carbohydrate intake, but I suspect it’s something I could learn a lot from, so I’ll probably look into it further when my Whole30 ride is over. Stay tuned for that…!

Right now, I’m feeling pretty shattered; it’s been kinda hot and sweaty today, and despite increasing my water intake to suit I suspect I may be a little dehydrated. My body’s also a bit worn and torn from the change in workouts, and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, so it’ll probably be a very early night for me and a “rest” day tomorrow. Then comes Monday – the Return to the Workforce. Eeek!

What do you reach for when you need super-quick meals? Have you ever closely monitored your carbohydrate intake? Does your body operate best with more or fewer carbs? 




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