Thirty Eight Times, I’ve Looked In Those Eyes

Lordy, lordy, lordy – Day 38 was a corker! No time for pleasantries – it was a long day, I’m knackered, and ready to hit the sack any minute :)

It didn’t start off the best. It’s an “other” day, so I’m due for a session of strength training… but I woke up to a steady drizzle, and it was clear it had been pouring all night. I didn’t fancy wet, slippery equipment at the park – in the cold drizzle, no less (cold + wet = struggling immune system) – but going back to bed didn’t seem like the best option either. So, I did what I can in my living room. I really need to start looking at/printing out those “30 minute home workout” pins on Pinterest or something (they list exercises and reps and how many sets to do, etc.) – at the moment, I just do push-ups ’til my arms get tired, then sit-ups ’til my tummy gets tired, then squats ’til my legs get tired, then plank ’til my everything gets tired, etc. Not ideal, but it was damn effective – I felt like jelly afterwards!

Had a quick shower, then pulled together some breakfast on-the-go:

Meal 1dI wanted something a bit more substantial than yesterday, trying to stave off that early hunger – so, I went with another serve of swirly quiche, plus some leftover kalua pig, as well as the usual side of broth. Didn’t take any longer to put together, plenty more satiating. Put my black coffee in my fancy new travel mug, and I was out the door! (Had to run to get a ticket and meet the bus at the next stop, so that counts as cardio, right?)

It might be Day 38 of the Whole30, but it’s only Day 2 of the new job – there is just so much to learn and take in and commit to memory (not to mention that you spend the whole day on your feet, moving, stretching, bending, twisting, lifting…), it’s a bit exhausting. My bigger breakfast paid off, but when lunchtime came around, the grubs were definitely biting. In fact, I was so distracted and grumbly that I completely forgot to take a photo until halfway through my meal!

Meal 2, Day 38This was a salad – spinach, blueberries, coconut oil – with some of my pre-made pork & chicken & blueberry “sausage” patties, and a decent handful of macadamias on the side. Really delicious, and very nourishing.

Still, given my super-long hellish commute (only one more day of that, thank goodness!), I didn’t get home ’til very late, and I was pretty famished. Once again, I had planned ahead, and set one of my very favourite slow-cooker meals on before I left the house:

Meal 3, Day 38Yep, it’s the dish that made The Dude I Live With love me a little more: lamb shanks in tomato sauce, over sweet potato mash. To recap my stupidly simple recipe: throw shanks, desired herbs and a tin of tomatoes in the slow cooker (I usually add onions, but I omitted them for their FODMAPpiness), and set to cook on low all day. Before you serve, peel and nuke some sweet potatoes (hats off to The Dude I Live With for his assistance with this step), then mash with ghee. The meat absolutely falls off the bone and all of the tomatoes get drenched in the fat and it’s just so yummy. If you’re looking for quick and incredible Paleo, this is it! (And yes, if you want to be pedantic and go super low-carb, the sweet potatoes aren’t essential – put it over a bed of steamed broccoli or zucchini or carrots or parsnip mash or whatever.)

I would love to chit-chat more about my day and how everything’s progressing, but I reeeeaaaaally want to get to bed and I’ve got a quite few things to get done before then. Pinky swear, I’ll give a proper update soon!! Sweet dreams!!




One thought on “Thirty Eight Times, I’ve Looked In Those Eyes

  1. This is one of the most precious, sweetest, kindest little lady’s that I have developed. With our bodies fully adjusted to the Paleo In A Box I have no doubts we would be full and satisfied at every meal! Our diets on the other hand, let the bodies hit the floor, let the Paleo diet and since then has been developed and improved by numerous writers and researchers in several books and academic journals.

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