But You Can’t, Forty Two In Your Hand

Hello there, my lovelies! Before I get cracking with my Day 42 update, I’d just like to show you all a bit of love – according to the WordPress stats, I now have readers from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, iceland, South Africa, Spain, Belgium and Austria – that is international reach, yo! I am so chuffed, and so flattered and overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback, advice, insights, suggestions and support I have received. You are all AWESOME, and you rock my socks. So thank you!

Right: down to business. Day 42. The end is nigh.

I started off on a good note: finally got myself up and out the door for an A.M. run. I’m counting that as a win. Weirdly, though, I went only about an average distance, at about the same pace as usual, and yet I felt like I worked *really* hard. Shin splints were killing me, the stitch in my side made me nauseous towards the end, and I finished up with jelly legs. It felt like the universe saying “That’s right, punk! This is what you get for taking a couple of days off!”. Of course, that’s not the case. Because that would just be silly. Right?

I made sure to stretch really well when I got home, and rehydrate. I didn’t have a hard-boiled egg on hand for my typical post-workout snack, so I went for a handful of homemade beef jerky instead. I’ve decided I’m really not much of a fan; I think that’s more a failing of the chef than a failing of the recipe. Nonetheless, while it’s not my favourite, it’s not inedible, so I’ll finish off the current batch at least. Also, given that my sleep and energy levels all seemed to be back to normal, I returned to my habit of a single black coffee in the morning – so good.

I found that I was pretty ravenously hungry though, so I went big for breakfast:

Meal 1, Day 42A heaping serve of bacon, a couple of fried eggs, and a bucketload of sweet potato medallions (i.e., slices of sweet potato, cooked in the rendered bacon fat). Yummy. Bacon makes everything better. Oh, and – of course – the bone broth. I’m quite enjoying that as a morning ritual, and I know it’s doing me some good. Fun fact: bone broth is actually a really good source of calcium. And it’s a lot more bioavailable than the calcium you would get from dairy. Excellent! I’m sure it’ll be even better in winter, when the weather’s all cold and the broth’s all warm…. mmm! Definitely a habit I want to keep up post-Whole30.

The “ravenous” theme kind of stuck today: I swear, there was barely 10 minutes when I wasn’t thinking about food. For lunch, I went maybe a smidgen out of the strictest of the Whole30 guidelines:

Meal 2, Day 42I had a leftover-taco-mince-and-spinach frittata (no problems there), and a baked apple. I know, the apple’s a bit random, but I stole the idea from Ute’s blog (have you checked out http://grokettesprimalmusings.blogspot.com.au/ yet? Make sure you keep an eye out for your’s truly!); she posted a recipe the other day that sparked a curiosity. I didn’t go down exactly the same route: I stuck to strictly Whole30 ingredients (apple, coconut oil, ground cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and shredded coconut), and baked it for about 40 minutes at 200C. It was SUPER delicious!

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was still hungry, but I had a stern word with myself and tried to just cop on with it. I had surely eaten more than enough food to fuel my body – even by hardcore anti-deprivation Paleo standards – so there was no way I could be physically hungry.

But a few hours later, I could fight the demon no more. I also couldn’t make up my mind what to eat (a sure sign for me that it’s physical hunger, rather than psychological – “false” hunger tends to manifest as a craving for a particular food that can be sated by no other). So, I went with what I call a “superfood salad”:

Meal 3, Day 42Spinach + blueberries + macadamias + coconut + coconut oil. That did the ticket to tide me over until dinner…

Meal 4, Day 42(‘Scuse the blurry photographs – not my finest effort today!)

Meal 4, Day 42Presenting lamb forequarter chops, and herbed sweet potato mash. Yes, more sweet potato – we’ve somehow ended up with a massive stash of them, and I’m diligently working my way through them lest they go nasty (love food, hate waste). I fairly ate my fill here, too! Like I said, I was ravenous today.

I’m actually wondering if I’ve gone a bit too high-carb here (sweet potato, fruits, nuts, etc.), and perhaps that’s the explanation for my increased hunger. Or perhaps it’s some other weird hormonal anomaly. I’m becoming a bit paranoid, actually, that I’m eating too much more generally. I may have even – gasp! – put on weight during this Whole30 experiment. Of course, as per the recommendations of the program, I’m not weighing myself or measuring myself at all. However, I have noticed: (a) I seem to have more definition in my upper arms, but (b) a couple of pairs of pants feel a little tighter. So I’m not sure what’s going on there. I certainly don’t think I’ve ballooned out of all proportion or anything like that, but maybe a couple of kilos have crept up on me. If that’s the case… well, it’s not ideal, but shit happens.

I think I’ll leave that subject there for now, as body image and weight concerns have been playing on my mind quite a bit recently, and I have a huge backlog of ideas for blog posts and discussions on that topic – I think it’s best I leave those for another day.

Oh, and an annoying part of Day 42: I’ve somehow managed to end up with a cramp in my right glute, that just will not go away, no matter how much I stretch, salt my food, shout at it, consider eating bananas to balance my potassium/magnesium (and then remember that I wanted to go without bananas on the Whole30), or any other home remedy. Knowing my luck, it’s all in my bloody head – my brain’s telling me I’m getting fat and I’ve got a sore bum, when really everything’s hunky dory. Fingers crossed it’s feeling alright in the morning.

What do you reach for when you’re super-hungry? Do you know why it happens? Have you ever gained weight on a Whole30? Do you have any home cures for a cramp that won’t give up? Let me know!







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