It’s A New Day, It’s A New Life For Me

Oh, howdy! Did you pop by to catch up on my new life, post-Whole45? I’m so glad!

Tee hee hee – life is sweet.

Just thought a few of you might be curious about how today went. I didn’t go too crazy. I decided to follow the recommendations of It Starts With Foods, in terms of reintroducing foods that I’ve been avoiding – one at a time, with a couple of days in between each, to gauge the body’s reaction. Essentially, I’m sticking with my normal meals, with a few extras (whatever I’m adding in), so it’s not a massive sudden change.

Today, it was… durn durn durn… fructose. I know I have been technically consuming fructose from fruit during the Whole45, but I hadn’t had any truly massive doses. To get massive doses, you need to eat really fructose-dense fruits (most of which I chose to additionally eliminate from my W30 protocol), and I certainly hadn’t had any of those. So, I thought as a nice way to ease myself back into a more relaxed nutritional paradigm, I might stick with a simple magnification of something I was already eating.

First up, a banana! Man, I missed these bad boys. They’re on the Hartwig’s “safe” list for the official W30 program, but I find them very “moreish” and I can become a bit reliant on them for a sweet treat, so I thought it was best that I passed on them as well. I had one with my usual breakfast:

BLTEA and BananaA BLTEA and a side of chicken broth. Delish.

Next on the rocket docket: DATES! Oh, LORD, I missed these even more than I missed the banana!

DatesThese, too, were technically allowable in the Whole30 paradigm, but I personally chose to skip them because of my emotional attachment to them. I was quite proud, actually, that I managed to restrain myself from devouring the whole container full – I stopped a few short. They could build monuments to my self-discipline :P I also had them after my standard lunch (leftover chicken and veg):

Leftovers and Dates 1

Dinner was the usual fare –

Sweet Potato ChilliA slow-cooker sweet potato chilli (sweet potato + beef + spices + tinned tomato + avocado and chives to garnish). But the reaaaaallyyy special part came after.

Drumroll please!

I finally got to have some raw honey for dessert!

Honeycomb 2

The Lovely Sweet Amazing and Wonderful Dude I Live With picked some up for me last night on the way home, and I’d been looking forward to it all day. (Well, more honestly, I’d been looking forward to it for roughly the last 47 days).

Honeycomb 11Honeycomb 8As you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So, I’m still working on my full Whole45 re-cap, but I thought you guys might appreciate a quick breakdown of the experience. You know, for funsies :)

Sheree’s Whole45 By Numbers

Number of Meals: 143

Number of Days with >3 Meals: 8

Number of New Ingredients & Cooking Methods: 23

Number of Post-Workout Snacks: 22

Cups of Tea: 39

Cups of Coffee: 38

Serves of Bone Broth: 40

Number of Meals with Offal: 8

Number of Meals with Fish: 8

Number of Meals with Bacon: 23

Number of Meals with Avocado: 49

Number of Meals with Nuts: 22

Number of Meals with Fruit: 37

Number of Meals with Eggs: 40

Number of Meals with Kale: 17

So what do we think? Any opinions on the numbers? What was/would be the first thing you reach/ed for post-Whole30? I’d love to hear!





5 thoughts on “It’s A New Day, It’s A New Life For Me

  1. Going to be honest Sheree. I haven’t followed that closely, although zoey has kept me up to date, but the bacon and avo numbers make me very interested.

  2. Raw honey is the bomb! Gosh, I remember eating it with the comb right out of the pots that we used to grow bees in back in India.. Those pics make me wanna go buy some. Also I LOVE freaking dates ever since turning paleo.. I liked them before but not as much as I do now..

    • I’d been craving raw honey for SO LONG, it was amazing!!! I’m so jealous of eating it right out of the pots though – getting it that fresh must just take it to a whole new level! And I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in my date obsession – most people I mention it too find it a bit weird (OK, a lot weird). I literally cannot stop at one, they’re just so darn good. :)

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